Milun Sagle : Many Drops can make an Ocean

Many of us are interested in doing something for society, but are too busy with our daily lifes.
Maybe we can spend some money or a couple of hours every month, and don't think that counts.
But these drops do matter, and can make an ocean.
This site aims to bring many such people together so that their little contributions make a difference.

People who are already doing some work, or have ideas can create "Projects" here.
They can publish who are the "Contacts" or focal people working on that project.
They can publish "Updates/News" for the projects, and also publish "Tasks" to be done.

People who want to contribute, look up these tasks, and if they think they can,
they pick up the task. They can in turn post "Replies/Updates"on these tasks.

People can post their "Testimonials/Opinions" about a project they have worked on.
This will be useful when others want to decide which project is worth contributing to.

"Contacts" are people or organisations who may be of help.
A list of contacts can be maintained by the members of this site.

"Links" are websites that have some useful information.
A list of links can be maintained by the members of this site.

The "Ideas" section are ideas which can become a project