Bandish - The world of Indian Classical Music

Swars and shrutis

- The sounds used in music - A very interesting thesis & demo of shrutis can be found at Dr. Vidyadhar Oke's website


- The various combinations of 7 swars.


- Arising from Thaats, but with a defined ascending and descending sequence. Also, a raga can have both the komal/teevra versions of a swar, or omit some swars, unlike the Thaat.


- Rythms/Beats


- A composition in a particular Raga and Taal


- Music format resulting in very small size files. This site offers downloads in MIDI format, that can also be played on the mobile.


Please note that this site is meant as a tool to learn about Ragas, Bandishes.
It presents only a bare skeleton and is nowhere near to how a performance by an artist would sound.
We recommend looking at the sites below for more information and recordings of actual performances.

Reference Books

  1. Raga Parichay Series by Prof. Harishchandra Shrivastava

  2. Madhur Swar Lipi Series by Prof. Harishchandra Shrivastava

  3. Raga Vidnyan Series by Pandit Vinayakrao Patwardhan

  4. Raga Bodh Series by Prof. B. R. Deodhar

  5. Hindustani Sangeet Paddhati: Kramik Pustak Malika by Pandit Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande