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Title Url Categories Actions
Indian NGOs website Govt, NGOs, Schemes Edit
Nagrik chectna manch NGOs, Municipal, Citizen Edit
Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) Environment, Research, NGOs Edit
Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI) Environment, Research, Rural, NGOs Edit
GOONJ - Clothes for the needy NGOs, Clothing Edit
Service for the Soul NGOs, Leadership, Volunteer Edit
Karmayog Citizen Group Citizen, Municipal, NGOs Edit
Maitri Citizens Group Citizen, NGOs Edit
Nimbkar Agriculatural Research Institute Research, Rural, Farming, NGOs Edit
Gomukh Environmental Trust for Sustainable Development Environment, Farming, NGOs, Rural, Watershed, Research Edit
Snehalaya - Child and women empowerment Children, Education, Employment, NGOs, Women Edit