Bandish Notation

Swars S, r, R, g, G, m, M, P, d, d, n, N - Komal swars in LowerCasem -Shuddha Madhyam, M- Teevra madhyam
Saptak / Octave Dot(.) for lower and Single Quote(') for highern. - Komal Ni in lower octave, S' - Sa higher octave
Grace Note Ends with underscore(_) N._M - Shuddha Ni -lower octave is grace note to Teevra Madhyam, higher octave
Swar separator Comma(,)S, r, g, m
Meend/Portamento Tilde(~) P~R - single beat meend from Pa to Re, P~, M, ~R - spanning 3 beats, and resting on M in between
Andolan Colon(:) m:g - Like a meend which does ma, ga, ma, ga, m:, :, :g - spanning 3 beats
Silence Dash(-) m, -, R - silence between ma & Re
Extend Last Note Equals(=) m, =, R - ma spanning 2 beats